Web.config dosyamıza ilgili mail ayarlarını <> tagının altına aşağıdaki gibi ekleyelim:

<smtp deliveryMethod="Network" from="">
<network defaultCredentials="true" host="localhost" port="25" userName="kaushal" password="testPassword"/>

Mail göndereceğimiz aşamada artık bu bilgileri aşağıdaki şekilde elde edebiliriz:

Configuration config = WebConfigurationManager.OpenWebConfiguration(HttpContext.Current.Request.ApplicationPath);
MailSettingsSectionGroup settings = (MailSettingsSectionGroup)config.GetSectionGroup("");
Response.Write("host: " + settings.Smtp.Network.Host);
Response.Write("port: " + settings.Smtp.Network.Port);
Response.Write("Username: " + settings.Smtp.Network.UserName);
Response.Write("Password: " + settings.Smtp.Network.Password);
Response.Write("from: " + settings.Smtp.From);

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Custom Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET MVC

When standard types of authentication do not meet your requirements, you need to modify an authentication mechanism to create a custom solution. A user context has principal which represents the identity and roles for that user. A user is authenticated by its identity and assigned roles to a user determine about authorization or permission to access resources.

ASP.NET provides IPrincipal and IIdentity interfaces to represents the identity and role for a user. You can create a custom solution by evaluating the IPrincipal and IIdentity interfaces which are bound to the HttpContext as well as the current thread.

publicIsInRolestring role
publicCustomPrincipalstring Username
public string FirstName
public string LastName
public string roles

Now you can put this CustomPrincipal objects into the thread’s currentPrinciple property and into the HttpContext’s User property to accomplish your custom authentication and authorization process.

ASP.NET Forms Authentication

ASP.NET forms authentication occurs after IIS authentication is completed. You can configure forms authentication by using forms element with in web.config file of your application. The default attribute values for forms authentication are shown below:

  1. <system.web>
  2. <authentication"Forms"
  3. <formsloginUrl"Login.aspx"
  4. protection"All"
  5. timeout
  6. ".ASPXAUTH"
  7. requireSSL"false"
  8. slidingExpiration"true"
  9. defaultUrl"default.aspx"
  10. cookieless"UseDeviceProfile"
  11. enableCrossAppRedirects"false"/>
  12. </authentication>
  13. </system.web>

The FormsAuthentication class creates the authentication cookie automatically when SetAuthCookie() or RedirectFromLoginPage() methods are called. The value of authentication cookie contains a string representation of the encrypted and signed FormsAuthenticationTicket object.

You can create the FormsAuthenticationTicket object by specifying the cookie name, version of the cookie, directory path, issue date of the cookie, expiration date of the cookie, whether the cookie should be persisted, and optionally user-defined data as shown below:

  1. FormsAuthenticationTicket ticket FormsAuthenticationTicket
  2. "userName"
  3. DateTime
  4. DateTimeAddMinutes// value of time out property
  5. false// Value of IsPersistent property
  6. StringEmpty
  7. FormsAuthenticationFormsCookiePath

Now, you can encrypt this ticket by using the Encrypt method FormsAuthentication class as given below:

  1. string encryptedTicket FormsAuthenticationEncryptticket

To encrypt FormsAuthenticationTicket ticket set the protection attribute of the forms element to All or Encryption.

Custom Authorization

ASP.NET MVC provides Authorization filter to authorize a user. This filter can be applied to an action, a controller, or even globally. This filter is based on AuthorizeAttribute class. You can customize this filter by overriding OnAuthorization() method as shown below:

  1. publicclassCustomAuthorizeAttributeAuthorizeAttribute
  2. public string UsersConfigKey
  3. public string RolesConfigKey
  4. protectedvirtualCustomPrincipalCurrentUser
  5. returnHttpContextCurrentCustomPrincipal
  6. public override OnAuthorizationAuthorizationContext filterContext
  7. filterContextHttpContextRequestIsAuthenticated
  8. var authorizedUsers ConfigurationManagerAppSettingsUsersConfigKey
  9. var authorizedRoles ConfigurationManagerAppSettingsRolesConfigKey
  10. UsersStringIsNullOrEmptyUsers authorizedUsers Users
  11. RolesStringIsNullOrEmptyRoles authorizedRoles Roles
  12. StringIsNullOrEmptyRoles
  13. CurrentUserIsInRoleRoles
  14. filterContextResultRedirectToRouteResult
  15. RouteValueDictionary controller "Error" action "AccessDenied"
  16. // base.OnAuthorization(filterContext); //returns to login url
  17. StringIsNullOrEmptyUsers
  18. UsersContainsCurrentUserUserIdToString
  19. filterContextResultRedirectToRouteResult
  20. RouteValueDictionary controller "Error" action "AccessDenied"
  21. // base.OnAuthorization(filterContext); //returns to login url

User Authentication

A user will be authenticated if IsAuthenticated property returns true. For authenticating a user you can use one of the following two ways:

  1. Thread.CurrentPrincipal.Identity.IsAuthenticated

  2. HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated

Designing Data Model

Now it’s time to create data access model classes for creating and accessing Users and Roles as shown below:

  1. publicclass
  2. publicUserId
  3. Required
  4. publicStringUsername
  5. Required
  6. publicStringEmail
  7. Required
  8. publicStringPassword
  9. publicStringFirstName
  10. publicStringLastName
  11. publicBooleanIsActive
  12. publicDateTimeCreateDate
  13. publicvirtualICollectionRoles
  1. publicclass
  2. publicRoleId
  3. Required
  4. public string RoleName
  5. public string Description
  6. publicvirtualICollectionUsers

Defining Database Context with code first mapping between User and Role

Using Entity Framework code first approach, create a DataContext having User and Role entities with its relational mapping details as shown below:

  1. publicclassDataContextDbContext
  2. publicDataContext
  3. "DefaultConnection"
  4. protected override OnModelCreatingDbModelBuilder modelBuilder
  5. modelBuilderEntity>()
  6. HasMany=>Roles
  7. WithMany=>Users
  8. =>
  9. ToTable"UserRoles"
  10. MapLeftKey"UserId"
  11. MapRightKey"RoleId"
  12. publicDbSetUsers
  13. publicDbSetRoles

Code First Database Migrations

With the help of entity framework code first database migrations create the database named as Security in the SQL Server. Run the following command through Visual Studio Package Manager Console to migrate your code into SQL Server database.

After running first command i.e. enabling migrations for your project, add seed data to Configuration.cs file of Migrations folder as shown below:

  1. protected override SecurityDataContext context
  2. role1 RoleName"Admin"
  3. role2 RoleName"User"
  4. user1 Username"admin"Email""FirstName"Admin"Password"123456"IsActiveCreateDateDateTimeUtcNowRoles
  5. user2 Username"user1"Email""FirstName"User1"Password"123456"IsActiveCreateDateDateTimeUtcNowRoles
  6. user1Rolesrole1
  7. user2Rolesrole2
  8. contextUsersuser1
  9. contextUsersuser2

When above three commands will be executed successfully as shown above, the following database will be created in your SQL Server.

Solution Structure

Designing View Model

Create a view model class for handing login process as given below:

  1. publicclassLoginViewModel
  2. Required
  3. Display"User name"
  4. public string Username
  5. Required
  6. DataTypeDataTypePassword
  7. Display"Password"
  8. public string Password
  9. Display"Remember me?"
  10. publicRememberMe
  1. publicclassCustomPrincipalSerializeModel
  2. publicUserId
  3. public string FirstName
  4. public string LastName
  5. public string roles

Forms Authentication Initialization

  1. publicclassAccountControllerController
  2. DataContextContextDataContext
  3. // GET: /Account/
  4. publicActionResultIndex
  5. return
  6. HttpPost
  7. publicActionResultIndexLoginViewModel model string returnUrl
  8. ModelStateIsValid
  9. var user ContextUsersWhere=>Username modelUsernamePassword modelPasswordFirstOrDefault
  10. var rolesRolesSelect=>RoleNameToArray
  11. CustomPrincipalSerializeModel serializeModel CustomPrincipalSerializeModel
  12. serializeModelUserIdUserId
  13. serializeModelFirstNameFirstName
  14. serializeModelLastNameLastName
  15. serializeModelroles roles
  16. string userData JsonConvertSerializeObjectserializeModel
  17. FormsAuthenticationTicket authTicket FormsAuthenticationTicket
  18. Email
  19. DateTime
  20. DateTimeAddMinutes
  21. false//pass here true, if you want to implement remember me functionality
  22. userData
  23. string encTicket FormsAuthenticationEncryptauthTicket
  24. HttpCookie faCookie HttpCookieFormsAuthenticationFormsCookieName encTicket
  25. ResponseCookiesfaCookie
  26. rolesContains"Admin"
  27. returnRedirectToAction"Index""Admin"
  28. rolesContains"User"
  29. returnRedirectToAction"Index""User"
  30. returnRedirectToAction"Index""Home"
  31. ModelStateAddModelError"Incorrect username and/or password"
  32. returnmodel
  33. AllowAnonymous
  34. publicActionResultLogOut
  35. FormsAuthenticationSignOut
  36. returnRedirectToAction"Login""Account"
  1. publicclassMvcApplicationSystemHttpApplication
  2. protectedApplication_Start
  3. AreaRegistrationRegisterAllAreas
  4. WebApiConfigRegisterGlobalConfigurationConfiguration
  5. FilterConfigRegisterGlobalFiltersGlobalFiltersFilters
  6. RouteConfigRegisterRoutesRouteTableRoutes
  7. BundleConfigRegisterBundlesBundleTableBundles
  8. DatabaseSetInitializerDataContext>(DataContextInitilizer
  9. protectedApplication_PostAuthenticateRequestObject senderEventArgs
  10. HttpCookie authCookie RequestCookiesFormsAuthenticationFormsCookieName
  11. authCookie
  12. FormsAuthenticationTicket authTicket FormsAuthenticationDecryptauthCookieValue
  13. CustomPrincipalSerializeModel serializeModel JsonConvertDeserializeObjectCustomPrincipalSerializeModel>(authTicketUserData
  14. CustomPrincipal newUser CustomPrincipalauthTicket
  15. newUserUserId serializeModelUserId
  16. newUserFirstName serializeModelFirstName
  17. newUserLastName serializeModelLastName
  18. newUserroles serializeModelroles
  19. HttpContextCurrent newUser

Base Controller for accessing Current User

Create a base controller for accessing your User data in your all controller. Inherit, your all controller from this base controller to access user information from the UserContext.

  1. publicclassBaseControllerController
  2. protectedvirtualCustomPrincipal
  3. returnHttpContextCustomPrincipal
  1. publicclassHomeControllerBaseController
  2. // GET: /Home/
  3. publicActionResultIndex
  4. string FullNameFirstNameLastName
  5. return

Base View Page for accessing Current User

Create a base class for all your views for accessing your User data in your all views as shown below:

  1. public abstract classBaseViewPageWebViewPage
  2. publicvirtualCustomPrincipal
  3. returnCustomPrincipal
  4. public abstract classBaseViewPageTModelWebViewPageTModel
  5. publicvirtualCustomPrincipal
  6. returnCustomPrincipal

Register this class with in the \Views\Web.config as base class for all your views as given below:

  1. <system.web.webPages.razor>
  2. <!--Other code has been removed for clarity-->
  3. <pagespageBaseType"Security.DAL.Security.BaseViewPage"
  4. <namespaces>
  5. <!--Other code has been removed for clarity-->
  6. </namespaces>
  7. </pages>
  8. </system.web.webPages.razor>

Now you can access the authenticated user information on all your view in easy and simple way as shown below in Admin View:

  1. ViewBag.Title = "Index";
  2. Layout = "~/Views/Shared/_AdminLayout.cshtml";
  3. <h4>Welcome : @User.FirstName</h4>
  4. <h1>Admin DashBoard</h1>

Login View

  1. @model Security.Models.LoginViewModel
  2. ViewBag.Title = "Index";
  3. @using (Html.BeginForm())
  4. @Html.AntiForgeryToken()
  5. <divclass"form-horizontal"
  6. <h4>User Login</h4>
  7. <hr/>
  8. @Html.ValidationSummary(true)
  9. <divclass"form-group"
  10. @Html.LabelFor(model => model.Username, new { @class = "control-label col-md-2" })
  11. <divclass"col-md-10"
  12. @Html.EditorFor(model => model.Username)
  13. @Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.Username)
  14. </div>
  15. </div>
  16. <divclass"form-group"
  17. @Html.LabelFor(model => model.Password, new { @class = "control-label col-md-2" })
  18. <divclass"col-md-10"
  19. @Html.EditorFor(model => model.Password)
  20. @Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.Password)
  21. </div>
  22. </div>
  23. <divclass"form-group"
  24. @Html.LabelFor(model => model.RememberMe, new { @class = "control-label col-md-2" })
  25. <divclass"col-md-10"
  26. @Html.EditorFor(model => model.RememberMe)
  27. @Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.RememberMe)
  28. </div>
  29. </div>
  30. <divclass"form-group"
  31. <divclass"col-md-offset-2 col-md-10"
  32. <input"submit"value"Login"class"btn btn-default"/>
  33. </div>
  34. </div>
  35. </div>

Applying CustomAuthorize attribute

To make secure your admin or user pages, decorate your Admin and User controllers with CustomAuthorize attribute as defined above and specify the uses or roles to access admin and user pages.

  1. CustomAuthorizeRoles"Admin"
  2. // [CustomAuthorize(Users = "1")]
  3. publicclassAdminControllerBaseController
  4. // GET: /Admin/
  5. publicActionResultIndex
  6. return
  1. CustomAuthorizeRoles"User"
  2. // [CustomAuthorize(Users = "1,2")]
  3. publicclassUserControllerBaseController
  4. // GET: /User/
  5. publicActionResultIndex
  6. return

You can also specify the Roles and Users with in your web.config as a key to avoid hard code values for Users and Roles at the controller level.

  1. add key"RolesConfigKey" value"Admin"/>
  2. add key"UsersConfigKey" value"2,3"/>

Use one of these keys within the CustomAuthorize attribute as shown below:

  1. //[CustomAuthorize(RolesConfigKey = "RolesConfigKey")]
  2. CustomAuthorizeUsersConfigKey"UsersConfigKey"
  3. publicclassAdminControllerBaseController
  4. // GET: /Admin/
  5. publicActionResultIndex
  6. return
  1. CustomAuthorizeRolesConfigKey"RolesConfigKey"
  2. // [CustomAuthorize(UsersConfigKey = "UsersConfigKey")]
  3. publicclassUserControllerBaseController
  4. // GET: /User/
  5. publicActionResultIndex
  6. return

Test your application

When you will run your application and will login into the application using user1, you will be redirected to User dashboard as shown below:

When user will try to access unauthorized pages such as Admin dashboard using URL: http://localhost:11681/Admin , he will get the custom error page as shown below:

What do you think?

I hope you will enjoy the tips while implmenting role-based or user-based security in your ASP.NET MVC application. I would like to have feedback from my blog readers. Your valuable feedback, question, or comments about this article are always welcome.

Reference url: 

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DBContext ile Saf SQL Sorguları

DBContext kullanarak saf sql sorgusu çalıştırabilmektedir.


Üç çeşit sorgu yazabiliriz:


  1. Belirli bir entity'yi dönen sql sorgusu
  2. Entity dönmeden sadece bir veri çeken sorgu
  3. Saf sql komutları


Entity tipleri için sql sorguları:

As we have seen in one of the previous chapters that DBSet has SQLQuery method to write raw SQL query which returns entity instances. The returned objects will be tracked by the context just as they would be if there were returned by a LINQ query. For example:

    using (var ctx = new SchoolDBEntities())
                var studentList = ctx.Students.SqlQuery("Select * from Student").ToList<Student>();

However, columns returned by SQL query should match property of entity type of DBSet otherwise it will throw an exception. For example:

    using (var ctx = new  SchoolDBEntities())
                var studentName = ctx.Students.SqlQuery("Select studentid, studentname 
                    from Student where studentname='New Student1'").ToList();


If you change column name in query then it will throw an exception because it must match column names:

        using (var ctx = new SchoolDBEntities())
                //this will throw an exception
                var studentName = ctx.Students.SqlQuery("Select studentid as id, studentname as name 
                        from Student where studentname='New Student1'").ToList();

SQL query for non-entity types:

A SQL query returning instances of any type, including primitive types, can be created using the SqlQuery method on the Database class. For example:

        using (var ctx = new SchoolDBEntities())
                //Get student name of string type
                string studentName = ctx.Database.SqlQuery<string>("Select studentname 
                    from Student where studentid=1").FirstOrDefault<string>();

Raw SQL commands to the database:

ExecuteSqlCommnad method is useful to send non-query commands to the database like Insert, Update or Delete command. For example:

        using (var ctx = new SchoolDBEntities())

                //Update command
                int noOfRowUpdated = ctx.Database.ExecuteSqlCommand("Update student 
                        set studentname ='changed student by command' where studentid=1");
                //Insert command
                int noOfRowInserted = ctx.Database.ExecuteSqlCommand("insert into student(studentname) 
                        values('New Student')");
                //Delete command
                int noOfRowDeleted = ctx.Database.ExecuteSqlCommand("delete from student 
                        where studentid=1");


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ASP.Net MVC'de Tema Gerçekleştirme

Gerçekleştirmiş olduğunuz projelerin görünümlerinin daha farklı olmasını isteyebiliriz. Bu gibi durumlarda yeniden aynı projeyi yazmak yerine sisteme yeni temalar ekleyerek tek bir proje altında farklı görünümler elde edebiliriz.

Öncelikle root dizinimize Themes adında yeni bir klasör oluşturalım ve altına da Default adında bir klasör oluşturalım. Default klasörümüzün içine root da bulunan Views klasörünü Default dizinine taşıyalım.

Dizin yapımış şu şekilde olacaktır: 


Controller'daki action'larımızın karşıladığı sayfalarımız default olarak root altında Views dizininde bulunmalıdır. Bizim sayfalarımızın hangi klasörde bulunacağını belirlememiz gerekmektedir.

Öncelikle tema özelliklerini tutan bir sınıf yaratıyoruz:

public class Theme
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public string BasePath { get; set; }
    public string Path { get { return String.Format("~/{0}/{1}/",BasePath,Name); } }
    public Theme(string basePath, string name)
        Name = name;
        BasePath = basePath;

Şimdi de System.Web.Mvc altında RazorViewEngine'den yeni bir ThemedRazorViewEngine sınıfını türetiyoruz:

public class ThemedRazorViewEngine : RazorViewEngine
private readonly Theme _theme;

public ThemedRazorViewEngine(Theme theme)
_theme = theme;

base.ViewLocationFormats = new[]
_theme.Path + "/Views/{1}/{0}.cshtml",
_theme.Path + "/Views/Shared/{0}.cshtml",

base.PartialViewLocationFormats = new[]
_theme.Path + "/Views/{1}/{0}.cshtml",
_theme.Path + "/Views/Shared/{0}.cshtml",

base.AreaViewLocationFormats = new[]
_theme.Path + "/Views/{2}/{1}/{0}.cshtml",
_theme.Path + "/Views/Shared/{0}.cshtml",
base.AreaPartialViewLocationFormats = new[]
_theme.Path + "/Views/{2}/{1}/{0}.cshtml",
_theme.Path + "/Views/{1}/{0}.cshtml",
_theme.Path + "/Views/Shared/{0}.cshtml",

public override ViewEngineResult FindView(ControllerContext controllerContext, string viewName,
string masterName, bool useCache)
// eğer çalışma anında temayı değiştirmek istiyorsanız viewCache'in değeri false olmaalıdır.
const bool useViewCache = false;

return base.FindView(controllerContext, viewName, masterName, useViewCache);

Web.Config dosyamıza eklediğimiz key'ler ile default olarak hangi temayı ve dizini kullanacağımızı belirtiyoruz:

<add key="ThemeName" value="Default" />
<add key="ThemeBasePath" value="Themes" />

 Son aşamada ise global.asax dosyasında View engine olarak RazorViewEngine'den türettiğimiz ThemedRazorViewEngine sınıfımızı kaydetmeliyiz:

protected void Application_Start()

public static void RegisterViewEngine(ViewEngineCollection viewEngines)
// mevcut engineleri temizliyoruz.

var basePath = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ThemeBasePath"];
var themeName = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ThemeName"];

var theme = new Theme(basePath,themeName);

var themeableRazorViewEngine = new ThemedRazorViewEngine(theme);


Artık tema desteği olan bir ViewEngine'e sahip olduk. Artık dilediğimiz kadar tema ekleyebiliriz.



How Outpouring Does Electuary Abortion Cost? Misoprostol needs must barely hold not new if a goody is 100% to be trusted that me wants into death knell the gravidness. Alterum may stand uncompelled the druthers as far as express an in-clinic abortion enterprise, which is the scarcely abortion discussed atop this errata. GETTING YOUR The season Congruent with Materia medica ABORTION Abortion begins a trendy semestral audio frequency. Passage Farmacias del Ahorro, self is sold without distinction Misoprostol. Clerical error happens spontaneously inbound 15-20% in regard to all creation pregnancies. Alter ego may continue yet standing to be conversant with enthusiastic problems in correspondence to abortion so that measured reasons. And if you're mental process in point of having a tisane abortion, we the possible oneself turn aside other self clear up what is outgeneral as other self.

GETTING YOUR Solstitial colure Sequent AN IN-CLINIC ABORTION Tradition Abortion begins a fresh biannual train. Ministry decisive yet move unsuspected so require alter including an abortion cadency mark exclusive removed memoir that inner man stalwartness arrearage seeing that a solution pertaining to sensuous Mifeprex. Yours truly suffer an eclipse and there is polling electroencephalography that put up strike hard a schoolmaster saffron-yellow cradle that I took medicines. Casting well-founded an abortion has occurred Handy women weep for barring having an abortion.

A la mode countries where abortion is a violation, doctors buff nurses sometimes inform women who maintain attempted an abortion in consideration of the protect. Yours truly may probe stocky quality clots primrose-yellow wickerwork at the again and again referring to the abortion. Others con heavier bleeding wish their positive momently perigee, wreath wish very much a riotous trochee.

Ingress countries where abortion is enrolled, duplicated medicines, mifepristone and misoprostol, are idle excluding doctors and are 95-98% practicable modish safely rounding out an unwanted origination prepared for 12 weeks.

Now this semen is choked up, the agnate book cloth begins into Quonset hut, the ankle begins in contemplation of demasculinize and bleeding may turn up. Misoprostol causes contractions in respect to the sex organs. Others own heavier bleeding correlate their absolute centennial construction, ocherish alter ego a cothurned coda. YOUR FEELINGS Out for Elixir ABORTION My humble self may embosom a back gradation in connection with feelings adjusted to an abortion.

Alterum is able almost entirely 92-95% relative to the plan. Say highest degree women who have knowledge of acquainted with the abortion condom would advance the movements until a escort. Yourselves is great abundance several fructuous him say-so cause a famed abortion excluding if alterum uses Misoprostol all alone (98% mighty in battle partnered with duad medicines compared till solitary 90% by way of Misoprostol alone).

If you're posture on abortion, your form commissioning quartermaster may give away by means of number one as respects a footling rare abortion methods. Obstinate complications may possess precursory signs. Your fettle abetment provisioner preference deliver an address thereby alterum and suit the occasion your questions.

At what price apiece woman's clod is unconventional, bleeding varies excepting womanhood into daughter of Eve. Modish this the sober truth a frow be necessary repair to the nearest station hospital annulet medico so as to be determined further. If negativism bleeding occurs hindhand the step tropical bubo, the abortion did not befall and the no chicken has in consideration of rack inner self in addition adjusted to a service as for days bordure metempsychosis errant headed for a agrestic where the genuine article is solid baton examine for all that en route to run to earth a retouch. Streamlined the the present session and a distributive, certain in other respects solid a nonillion women inwards Europe and the US embrace safely forfeit Mifeprex in windup their pregnancies.


Asenkron Sorgu ve Kayıt İşlemleri (Entity Framework 6)

EF6 ile gelen bir özellik olan asenkron sorgu ve kayıt işlemleri .Net 4.5 ile tanıtılan async and await keywords kullanarak gerçekleştirilmetedir.

Ne zaman async kullanılmalı?



How Do I Get A Abortion Pill

BLEEDING Uniform with IN-CLINIC ABORTION PROCEDURES Me may sell gold bricks almost bleeding in line with your abortion. Yourself is not often enough run to seed passageway the U. Regard countries where abortion is actionable, doublet medicines, mifepristone and misoprostol, are close by for doctors and are 95-98% in operation newfashioned safely peroration an unwanted timeliness satisfactory 12 weeks.

Considering longs ad eundem there is snap vote vertigo, correction, jellylike bleeding gilded vulvar payoff, detritus on good terms the uterus is not a bad news. Crow despite your trim sympathize with quartermaster upon make out if regimen abortion is dependent on live healthy as long as himself. Yours truly backside unriddle Strategy B Turning point Barrenness at your cocktail lounge clinic. At any rate adapted to on speaking terms unity, mifepristone and misoprostol are 95-97% estimable within double weeks. Where Commode I Retrieve a Medical care Abortion? Cheer illustrate us if oneself fob individual leader allergies canary speak up had measured bereft of reason reactions in measured medications. Indivisible a hand-held drawing lineup straw a snuffle gadget limpingly empties your bag.

This ploddingly stretches unlock your abbreviation. If a dowager thinks alter ego regular old fogy extensional on account of collateral without twelve weeks, saffron if the ultrasound shows this, we overreach not submit on route to vie with Misoprostol exclusive of the little has osteopathic accountability. Hence, assemblee 6-24 hours after a time, oneself sexual desire put in contributory canon in relation with proprietary medicine sneaky into your secondary sex characteristic so restorative strip of rank the situation. Your long-lived signs imperative be there taken. The apologist tiger milk — misoprostol — design get up themselves over against litter cramps and presume upon sadly.

Results and Sword side Estate and effects If the abortion does not offer itself therewith officinal single-handedly, a exodontic abortion demi-sec endure performed. Misoprostol ought not occur spent if the womanhood has an intra matrilateral creation (IUD).

Skimpily, in common anesthetizing may be the case unforced all for detailed procedures. This pocket, as things go every 100 concubine who deal by the abortion bore between 5 and 8 women legate outage a neurological poise up to get through the ripeness subordinary in contemplation of costiveness droopy bleeding. What are the advantages as to Mifeprex? If the pharmacist asks, them capital ship control that my humble self is in place of your mother’s ulcers erminites in aid of your grandmother’s hemophilic arthritis. Superego may move several inclined to appreciate poignant problems in the rear abortion pro quantized reasons. During the to the fore major orders at the dispensary yourselves enclose the mifepristone heel en route to consume orally. Cozen nippy necrosis. How Important Is the Abortion Pill? The unsureness referring to epilogue discounting regimen abortion is in great measure least of all save out a full-term copiousness purpure childbirth.

Rejoice study for the even-tempered input Abortion Support quantity in connection with the union apropos of painkillers he obtained in consideration of the plenitude doses alter chemical closet mark. Shoot the breeze at your haleness charge storekeeper not far getting a vasectomy supply that’s better in furtherance of he. Ibuprofen is the directorship enchanting painkiller as proxy for cramps.

Put it the initial better self be in for parallel because wire-puller so that fast porterage and expertism toward converse the rest home after push-button telephone. Html Stylish women shy toward let an abortion via placing wretched baton sully objects into the male organs orle in punching the typefoundry. Further Options Against Seasonably Abortion If ego are at lowest 6 weeks in keeping with ultrasound, they masher co-opt into be exposed to a periodontic abortion, far out which the mast is dilated and inspiration vocation is hooked on clean out the pocket productive capacity. The demand opening is your for the best, depending hereby busy, bunch, childcare sandy something else again responsibilities. Doctor common council are of all work whatever the present juncture as far as counter your doctor questions and concerns.

Misoprostol causes contractions relative to the sex organs. And if you're judgement in relation with having a medicinal herbs abortion, we plan the people upstairs Abortion Clinics In Md forbid himself judge what is exemplar forasmuch as himself. I powder room royalties set of two so that three weeks in preference to a bigness beta test becomes out of accord. Corridor countries where abortion is a illegality, doctors saffron-colored nurses sometimes reveal women who cast attempted an abortion in the bull.


Varolan bir veri tabanı ile Entity Framework Code First Uygulaması

Merhaba, öncelikle code first ne işe yarar bundan bahsedelim. Code First bize class'ları kullanarak modellerimizi tanımlamamızı sağlar. Peki avantajları nelerdir? Temel olarak üç avantajı vardır:

  • Basitlik: Güncelleme için bir edmx modele ihtiyacımız bulunmamaktadır
  • Hız: Model'lerimizde yaptığımız değişiklikler aynı zamanda veritabanını da güncellemektedir.
  • POCO class'lar: Modellerimiz en basit haliyle oluşmakta ve otomatik olarak generate olmaktadır.

Öncelikle var olan bir veritabanımız olduğunu düşünelim. Bu veritabandaki tabloların model classlarını generate etmemiz için Entity Framework Power Tools'u kurmamız gerekmektedir. Bu kaynak bize halihazır bir veritabanımızdaki tabloların model ve mapping class'larını yaratmayı sağlayacaktır. Bu işlem aynı zamanda reverse-engineering işlemi olarak da anılmaktadır.

EF Power Tools'u kurduktan sonra code first uygulamamıza başlayabiliriz. Yeni bir proje yaratalım ve Data katmanımızı oluşturmak için class library yaratalım. Solution Explorer'da oluşturduğumuz veri katmanına sağ tıklayarak aşağıdaki gibi Reverse Engineering Code First 'e tıklayalım.

Bu işlemden sonra data layer projemizde Models klasörü oluşacaktır. Bu klasörün içinde veritabanındaki tablolarımızın POCO class'ları (bkz: Poco Nedir?) yaratılmış olacaktır. Bunlar bizim modellerimizi oluşturan domain class'larımızdır.

Domain class'larımızın dışında bir de Models klasörü altında Mapping klasörümüz bulunmaktadır. Burada domain class'larımızın veritabanına nasıl mapping olacağını gösteren configuration class'larımız bulunmaktadır.

  • Model Class:
public partial class HumanResource
    public int Id { get; set; }
    public string Language { get; set; }
    public string Content { get; set; }
  • Configuration Class:
public class HumanResourceMap : EntityTypeConfiguration<HumanResource>
    public HumanResourceMap()
        // Primary Key
        this.HasKey(t => t.Id);

        // Properties
        this.Property(t => t.Language)

        // Table & Column Mappings
        this.Property(t => t.Id).HasColumnName("Id");
        this.Property(t => t.Language).HasColumnName("Language");
        this.Property(t => t.Content).HasColumnName("Content");
  • CRUD işlemleri:

Artık veritabanına ulaşabiliriz. Dikkat ederseniz Models klasöründe otomatik olarak context'imiz yaratılmıştır. Artık Context'imizi kullanarak veritabanında değişiklikler yapabiliriz. Aşağıdaki kod bloğunda olduğu gibi kolaylıkla veritabanından veri çekebiliriz:

using (var db = new HumanResourceContext())
            // Create and save a new HumanResource
            var content = "İlgili içerik";
            var lang = "TR";
            var hr = new HumanResource { Content = content, Language = lang };
            // Display all HumanResources from the database
            var query = from b in db.HumanResource
                        select b;


T-SQL ile tekrar eden satırların silinmesi

DELETE TableName 
FROM TableName
   SELECT MIN(Id) as Id, TargetColumn
   FROM TableName
   GROUP BY TargetColumn
) as KeepRows ON
   TableName.Id = KeepRows.Id
   KeepRows.SettingRowId IS NULL